The People of Christ Church are my Telluride Family

What does this mean? They love me (and sometimes disagree with me!) but with these people, I know I have an extended family here in Telluride. They have encouraged me and supported me, learned with me and questioned me. It was first because of this group of people that I, a relative newcomer to Telluride, quickly felt comfortable and at home.

I love the fact that the people of this church are here to accompany anyone on their spiritual journey, without requirements of specific doctrinal beliefs. I love Christ Church’s focus on spirituality and education. I love the welcoming arms and the caring hearts of all the members, friends, and visitors who choose to journey together. I love Bob Israel’s incredible piano playing. I love the bell that the children ring at the beginning of Sunday worship services. I love Pat’s expertise in comparative religions, spirituality, and theology. I love this church as a place for my children to grow in their own spirituality. And yes, I love that we have a good time together (even in worship!) and we enjoy displaying a sense of humor.

Ironically, when my family and I moved here over three years ago, my husband and I worried that we would not be able to find a church home that we would value as much as the one we left behind. This is where some would say, “God has a sense of humor!” because we needn’t have worried . . . what we found at Christ Church is priceless.

I can’t imagine living here without the people I think of as extended family – the community of Christ Church.

Teresa Westman


It Felt Right to Me the First Time We Visited Christ Church

Growing up, I was raised Catholic and went to a Catholic grade school. When met my husband, who was Lutheran, we joined a Lutheran Church in the Vail area. After my daughter was born, I worked in the Presbyterian Church at the Vail Interfaith Chapel where my office was right in between the Jewish and Episcopal offices. It may sound like I had a denominational identity crisis, but it was not so. In each place, I learned a little more and thought a little differently, but still maintained that core belief that if you do good things, good things will come back to you.

When we moved to Telluride, my husband, Andrew, and I wanted to once again become part of a Church. We wanted to raise our children with a strong sense of faith and to feel like we had a community of support. When we visited Christ Church, it felt right to me the first time we came. We felt really welcomed by the congregation. We met Maureen Reese, the Sunday School teacher, and our children could not wait to go back again.

Christ Church felt right to me because it was traditional enough that I didn’t feel too far from my Catholic roots, yet casual enough to fit with a mountain lifestyle. It is a place of acceptance, with people from all different backgrounds and religions who are here to receive a weekly message, and to gather as a community. After hearing Pat’s message, I leave feeling positive and uplifted. This is why we chose to become members of Christ Church.

Katie Karow


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