Christ Presbyterian Church is pleased to offer its facilities for events and activities that serve the good for individuals and the community. Our sanctuary and fellowship hall are available for community meetings, presentations, social gatherings and performing arts.

Costs for conducting events at Christ Church are intended to cover cleaning and maintenance of our facilities.

  • Cost to members for use of the sanctuary is $30
  • Cost to non-members for use of the sanctuary is $50
  • Cost for use of sanctuary if chancel furniture or pews must be moved and/or extra chairs set up is $100
  • If the event covers more than one day, each additional day is at a rate of 20% less
    Cost for use of the downstairs is $50
  • Cost for use of downstairs and kitchen for food preparation and service is $75

To schedule use of our facilities for an event, contact us.

Please use this form to make a rental balance or deposit payment.


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