Rev. Dr. Pat Bailey

Dear Christ Church Family:

CPC Unfoldings March, 2023

“We are a small church . . . .” Have you noticed this in our Sunday bulletins? We have been including it at the top of the bulletins since the new year. Following the phrase is a statement that celebrates our small churchiness. So far we have seen some of these:

We are a small church
So, we like you even when you don’t like yourself.
So, our children know the language of love and acceptance.
So, we like holding hands with Jesus over raising hands to Jesus. So, some of us may actually know your name.
So, we value our conversation over our need to be right.
So, our mission begins by just being present.
So, you’ll never have to pretend that you’re someone you’re not. So, we pray for the world but also for you.

I think one of the things most of us like about Christ Church is that we are a small church. It’s OK to be a small church. We are much more a gathering of fiends than a group of strangers. Our children grow up together and the rest of us grow old together. If you are only here seasonally, then you know that you will be warmly welcomed and genuinely missed. Being small means that our leaders and volunteers don’t have to get burned out but will always be lifted up. We like welcoming new participants and members; there’s always room for more, but we will continue to be a small church with a big heart.

So, I’m inviting you to contribute to the So, . . . . s. We will include them in our weekly bulletins. What is it that you want to highlight and celebrate about being a small church? You can send them to me by email or text or share them in person at church.

Peace be with you,




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