Welcome to Telluride’s Christ Presbyterian Church. Whatever your background or wherever you might be on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.  We invite you to get to know us better. If you are living in or visiting the Telluride area, please pay us a visit and join us for worship.
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Christ Church will not be holding worship services until at least May 2nd, in accordance with the county’s emergency declaration which continues the Shelter in Place order until May 1st.

The Women’s Prayer Circle is not meeting but circulates a prayer list. The county has cancelled the Senior Lunch. AA is meeting via Zoom. Details are posted at the front of the church.

Pat and Andy will be at the church on Sundays during the suspension period for those who want to stop by for prayer or encouragement. Weekly sermons will be available on YouTube and Facebook. You can access them by clicking on the icons under Follow Us in the lower right-hand corner of this page. You can also get Andy’s sermons at www.standupsermons.com

Pat is also convening the Early Rising program Sunday mornings at 11am via Zoom. Please contact him at mtnpas@me.com if you would like to join the group. The program is “Saving Jesus” from the Asking The Questions curriculum.

If you are well and willing to assist others, we may need your help to respond to needs in our community. Please get in touch with Andy or Pat at 970-728-4536.

See our calendar for other upcoming events

Giving of our financial resources to a community that is in harmony with our own spiritual quest helps to open us up to God's presence operating in and through our lives.Please submit your contribution by clicking this link.

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